Engage In Topical Workshops

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Visual Literacy

Reading signs and symbols dates back to ancient times. With the complexities of today’s world, the ability to recognize, evaluate, and create visual representations is critical for effective communication. This class introduces different modes of visual communication and sets the expectation for participants to be visually literate.

Building Your Axiom

What are the characteristics that define you, your offering, your team or your company? Is there a gap between what you think you stand for and what others perceive? By using some hands-on techniques, you can determine the intrinsic attributes you want to embody and assess how well those are conveyed in what you say and do.

Understanding Context

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all that goes on around us. We can’t help but be impacted by what happens in our city, our region, our state, our nation, our world. Learn how to heighten your observational skills, recognize trends, and interpret the potential contextual influences your enterprise needs to respond to.

Stakeholder Insight

We like to think we are the masters of our own destiny. But, realistically, we have people with a stake in our success. Whether it’s a spouse, a boss, peers, shareholders or the press, understanding the complexities of stakeholders can provide you with a wealth of supporters. Who couldn’t use another cheerleader?

Creativity of Teams

How do you make a team of people more effective? Leverage all of their skills – and that may mean unearthing a few talents they don’t know they have. This class uses tactics and techniques that are helpful in discovering the creativity that exists in all of us. Unleash the full capacity of your team. What you find may surprise you.

Art of Critique

Critique is less about criticism and more about critical thinking. Effective critique goes beyond opinion to provide invaluable perspective. In giving critique, it is important to be constructive and selfless. To receive critique requires humility and open-mindedness. It is a process. Make the critique process an integral part of what you do.