Liquid Cargo

We partnered with a local philanthropist who had an idea to conceive and launch a simple coffee shop for the residents in the historic Boardwalk Building in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. We suggested a concept based on a seemingly unanswerable question we posed. What would you get if you combine a department store, a cafe’, and art gallery and your living room into a 420 square foot space? Clearly this question was intended to create a new white space opportunity in retail. That was enough to get us moving toward an answer.

As the creative partner in this venture, we had complete responsibility to design a tangible answer to this question. We lead all aspects of building out the vision we created. Specifically, we had to create the interior design concept – based on solid qualitative and quantitative research, brand strategy, marketing communications, offerings and program management – all within a 10 week time horizon.

The result is Liquid Cargo. Although some things have evolved over time, this business has been thriving for 10 years now. That’s our key measure of success on this one.